We will be hosting an open Dance Pole Competition. These are the rules.

Single or Double

You may preform choreography of exotic pole dance Russian Style, Australian Style and/or Stripper Style, it is allowed twerking and others.
No limits, use all your fantasy and your knowledges to bring your idea of Exotic Pole Dance.
You may utilize all the space levels both in width (use of the stage) and in height (use of the pole), it shall be granted complete freedom in execution of both floor work and pole tricks. It is allowed choreographic objects and/or props on stage. Please keep in mind that while bringing a prop on stage may have value for the
performance. Judges are allowed to decide to apply deduction for improper utilization of the objects/props on stage.

It is NOT allowed to take clothes off. ANY Exposure of Nipples or Virginia will be an automatic disqualification Even if unintentional, no exceptions! 


Track Length Must be between 90 seconds up to a max of 3 minutes.  All music must be turned in at least 24 hrs before contest.


You will be judged in 5 Categories

1.)  Costuming: costume, make-up and hairstyle in coherence with the chosen music and theme.

2.) Performance:  fluidity and purity of movements, lines and feet

3.) Stage Presence:  facial and body expressions coherent and with visual impact.  are you engaging the audience.

4.) Audience Response:  is the audience engaged in your performance including but not limited to tips

5.) General Performance Originality: original choice of the theme or innovative development

Application Fees

The fee to enter the contest is $5 per person and must be paid in advance to secure your spot in the contest. Entry fee is non-refundable.    Club cover charge is waived for for contestants.   Cover Charge is $25 per person and included 1 drink from a select list

Contest will start promptly at 8pm.  You must check in no later than 7:30 pm  If you have not checked in on time you may be disqualified.

To Enter the Contest please call 661-633-9200 and Ask for Kyle